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AIAA - Chasing New Heights

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Our Mission

     WSU Aerospace, also known as AIAA, is an engineering club that designs and builds rockets and remote control planes for competitions and personal projects. Within the club, we have Plane Team, which is currently working on a cargo plane to assist the Rocket Team on their testing. The Rocket Team is currently focused on getting several members certified through the National Association of Rocketry so they have the proper clearance to launch models and compete in Spaceport America Cup. As a student-run, student-led club, we also help members learn material they wouldn’t learn in class. For example, we help students with more specific CAD applications such as fluid simulations, along with general concepts of aerodynamic design, flight physics, control systems, and more. WSU doesn't have an Aerospace Engineering degree or program, so for many students joining our club is the closest they can get to that kind of education and experience. 

     WSU Aerospace club heavily depends on donations, fundraisers, and sponsorships to be able to do any building, designing, or competing. The main reason we currently need funding is for the rocket group to get certifications. It’s expensive to get people to the certification levels that we need, but absolutely critical to the club being able to continue. Additionally, the costs of actually attending competitions add up quickly, even when we save where we can. In any given year we need to purchase parts for the competition rocket itself, and the cost of traveling to the competition. 

Give now and help our organization break through the stratosphere! The sky may be our limit, but we're reaching for the stars. 

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Nuts and Bolts and Screws...

The tiny parts and other hardware that keep our projects in one piece. Whether its a small part or a big part, it is a part we need! Every piece helps us build an awesome rocket or plane!


Plastic Noodles (3D Printing)

This is roughly the cost for a roll of 3D-Printer filament. We use 3D-Printed parts in everything from testing prototype designs to custom mounts for onboard computers and such.


Is It Airplane or Aeroplane?

This will go a long way for specialty plane parts, this could be anything from high torque servo motors to motor speed controllers or printed circuit boards and batteries. These parts will be put to good use!


Composites and Stuff!

This will help us purchase materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, or epoxy resin. Composites are an integral part of what we do and are used most commonly in our rocket body tubes or airplane wings and fuselages.


Flamey Part of the Rocket

$100 dollars just about covers the cost of a single J180 rocket motor, while providing some left over funds to put towards mounting said motor. These are not electronic motors, but rather solid rocket fuel motors, which are ignited, providing the thrust that will send our beautiful rocket into the sky!


Who's Paying For Gas?

This donation will help to cover the cost of attending a competition, and/or any unexpected expenses while at a competition.


Certified Rocketeers

In order to compete at Spaceport America, we will need to buy some pretty beefy rocket motors. Some of the larger motor sizes require the purchaser to be certified by either the Tripoli Rocket Association (TRA) or the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). This will go towards the cost of getting club members certified by NAR in order to be able to buy those beefy motors.


Shoot For the Moon!!!

Ok, well... maybe not the moon, our projects only go sky high, but if you want, we will put your name or your company name/logo on one of our projects such as our competition rocket which should fly roughly 10,000' high! This sort of donation will help us immensely.

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