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3D Printer Club - Designing the Future

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About WSU 3DPC

The WSU 3D printing club is dedicated to improving the design and manufacturing skills of our members through projects, workshops, and practical experience. We strive to make our meetings fun and entertaining while promoting conversation and discovery. If you're always up for learning something new, this might be the place for you! 

Currently, our club is working on two projects, the silicone printing project, and the water bottle printing project. Both projects involve designing, building, and prototyping 3D printers to perform relevant tasks.

Throughout the semester our club also hosts game nights, fundraisers, and 3D modeling workshops.

We are asking for funds in order to buy a new club printer that is more reliable for printing parts for our club projects and members. This is very helpful for us so that we can continue to allow free printing for our club members on a good printer, and reliably print parts for our projects.

Choose a giving level


Roll of Basic Filament

This amount allows us to buy a roll of 3D Printing filament for our printers for personal and club printing


Filament Dehydrator

3D Printing filament is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs water from the air. We need a dehydrator in order to dry out filament that has absorbed moisture, and it makes sure that prints turn out well.


Fancy Filaments

Specialized filaments are super expensive, but have unique properties. Some filaments are stronger, more flexible, soluble in water, and glow in the dark.


Ruby Nozzle

This is a highly specialized nozzle that can print almost any material, and experience little to no wear. This is extremely useful when printing in special filaments, which wear down regular nozzles significantly.


Replacement Hotend

A full assembly of a replacement hotend, which helps when your printer is broken.


Stepper Motors

Several of our printers require motors, and a full set generally runs for around this much. Additionally, a nice replacement set of motors can greatly improve print quality.


Multi-Material Upgrade

The specific printer we are looking to get can have this very handy upgrade, which is used to enable printing in up to 5 materials simultaneously. This is incredibly useful since you can print in different colors and materials simultaneously!

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