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Crimson Robotics - PainSaw

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Crimson Robotics - PainSaw

Crimson Robotics is WSU's official combat robotics club. We design, build, and compete with robots ranging from 3 to 250 pounds that are designed to destroy other combat robots. Our new 250 pound design "PainSaw" has been completed, and all that's left to do is manufacture and fight with it! In early 2024, we will compete with PainSaw in the BattleBots Proving Grounds competition in Las Vegas, with the goal of being accepted onto the hit discovery TV show BattleBots. PainSaw fights by demolishing other robots with a 50 pound steel vertical spinner rotating at 10,000 rpm. This spinner is attached to the end of a titanium arm that can swing the weapon down on an opponent in a literal blink of an eye. All of that sits on top of an armored chassis capable of breaking the speed limit on residential roads. PainSaw is a force to be reckoned with in the BattleBox!

While experiencing the mechanical mayhem of a BattleBots match is an incredible experience, there is more than just fun for Crimson Robotics members to gain! Our team members get invaluable real world engineering experience as well as building their teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Each member gets to apply what they learn from their classes in realistic scenarios, which helps solidify and expand their understanding of engineering. From computer aided design, to electrical systems, to manufacturing, and much more, Crimson Robotics gives all 75 of our members the opportunity to grow as engineers and people.

Our members have worked incredibly hard to create PainSaw. Transforming what started as some sketches on a whiteboard into a completed design is no easy feat. But to fight with it, it first has to be built. PainSaw is estimated to cost $18,000 without accounting for spare parts. Your donation will go directly towards the manufacturing of PainSaw, allowing Crimson Robotics to compete with it in Las Vegas.

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Nuts and Bolts

To build a BattleBot, you need lots and lots of little parts. Between nuts, bolts, bearings, spacers, screws, and more, the costs start to add up quick. Your donation helps cover the cost of all of PainSaw's small hardware!


Amps and Volts

To deliver the knockout blow, PainSaw needs a lot of power. That's why we're hooking up huge batteries to incredibly strong and fast motors. Your donation helps cover the cost of all of our electronic systems!


Heavy Metal

PainSaw weighs in at a whopping 250 pounds of aluminum, steel, and titanium. Before we can have a completed BattleBot, we need huge plates and cylinders of expensive metal. Your donation helps us purchase the raw materials needed to manufacture PainSaw!


Machine Manufacturing

Crimson Robotics personally manufactures as many parts as we possibly can. However, some parts are so huge or complex that they can only be manufactured by a professional shop. Your donation helps us pay for the manufacturing costs of our outsourced parts!


BattleBots Champion

Thank you so much for your generosity! Your donation will go a long ways towards the manufacturing of PainSaw. This helps us go dominate at the BattleBots World Championship in Las Vegas!

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