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Coding Cougs Hackathons

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Coding Cougs Hackathons

The Coding Cougs programming club here at Washington State University Tri-Cities, focuses on student career development & extracurricular coding events. We are known for participating in two hackathons every academic year, one in the fall and another in the spring. A quick summary of what a hackathon is: it is a competition where participants have 24 hours to brainstorm and build a project of their choosing. It provides students with a unique opportunity to develop essential skills and experiences that are invaluable for their future careers. Participating in hackathons like DubHacks or Crimson Code, offers several benefits that are worth highlighting:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Hackathons require participants to work closely with teammates under tight time constraints. This fosters teamwork, communication, and the ability to perform well under pressure—a valuable skill set that is highly sought after by employers.
  • Problem Solving: Participants at hackathons are presented with real-world challenges that require creative problem-solving and critical thinking. These experiences help students develop their ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Networking: Hackathons provide a unique networking opportunity, allowing students to connect with like-minded peers, industry professionals, and potential mentors. These connections often lead to valuable career opportunities.
  • Resume Enhancement: A successful hackathon participation is a standout addition to a student's resume. It demonstrates their commitment to innovation, their ability to execute projects, and their dedication to self-improvement. 

By donating to the Coding Cougs, you would not only help us make the most of our events but also contribute to the growth and professional development of our students. We are enthusiastic and would like to express our interest in seeking your support for future hackathons and related initiatives. We look forward to the possibility of making the best out of Crimson Code 2024 for it to be a memorable and enriching experience for our club members!

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A little donation goes a long way! Your $5 donation shows your support for the Coding Cougs and contributes to the success of our hackathons. This helps cover minor expenses like snacks and supplies, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment for our participants.


Teamwork Enable

With a $10 donation, you empower the club to foster teamwork and collaboration among our members. Your contribution helps us organize team-building activities and workshops, enhancing our club's ability to work effectively together during hackathons.


Problem Solving Catalyst

A $20 donation acts as a catalyst for our members' problem-solving skills. It supports the creation of challenging and engaging hackathon projects, as well as provides resources for brainstorming sessions. Your contribution encourages creative thinking and critical problem-solving abilities.


Hackathon Booster

Your $50 donation is a direct boost to our hackathons, especially Crimson Code 2024. It enables us to secure valuable resources, and equipment to enhance the hackathon experience. Your support fosters innovation, skill development, and networking opportunities crucial for our students' career growth. Thank you for championing the success of our hackathons!

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